Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Oh, How did I get here, and where is the nearest exit?

To put it gently, this SUCKS.

But I know I'll be fine, and stronger for it, and a door closed is a windowed opened, this is another opportunity to grow stronger...

Give me any lame ass reason why I should be excited about having my hours reduced to the point where I am eligible for unemployment insurance, I don't care.

So what should I be doing?

I'm looking for a new job. I've already applied for one, keep your fingers and toes and knees, and eyes crossed, and pray with me.

So the goal is 2 applications a week for the first month, then 4/month for the second, and by that time, please let me have a better job, one where my paycheck doesn't depend on old ladies tripping and falling. Where I won't be paid in love and gratitude.

In between job applications I will be making art. Developing photos and painting and graphic designs for tees. Get to it... I have the moments to spare, so now is the moment.

When I need a break from the horrors of the great indoors, I will go for a walk. New rule: Walk for an hour, then turn around and walk back. Why just 2 hours walking? Because I made a dumb ass mistake of setting off to see how far I could walk. 8 miles up and down hills people. So let's start with 2 hour stretchs, instead of 4. If I want a challenge, I'll throw some canned goods in a backpack and start training for the N. Umpqua trail that way. And if I'm training for hiking the trail, I should get used to carrying weight, and PACING MYSELF, because if you're walking for a week straight, whos singing by the campfire? Not me.

The last way I intend to occupy my time is by eating healthier. Today: 2 burritos, with cheese. A chunk of FRESH BAKED BREAD. 2 bottles of water. Left over 4 ounces of smoothie. And dinner of "chicken" patty (on fresh baked bread) with tomato and condiment and a banana and 6 dried apricots. Ugh.

Oh, I forgot reading, I have a huge reading list.