Sunday, November 16, 2008

Very Productive Weekend!

There's still one day left.

I spent all day saturday wandering through all the second hand stores in Roseburg. I found some good alternate gifts, if the soap making doesn't work out. There's some good birthday gift ideas on the sideline now. I also found 100% lye for soap making.

I got roped into a birthday dinner at a chain restaurants with balloons and brightly colored blended drinks. The restaurant has those, not the birthday girl. We drank beer. Like adults. Lonely single adults. In a restaurant where I ran into the woman I thought was going to be my sister-in-law. With her adorable children I haven't seen in a while, who used to crawl in my lap and tell me stories.

First bar, was fine, trying to catch the score from the football game. Second bar, huge urge to drink and text/dial. Made it to the third bar, and had fun, forgot the urge to drink and dial.

Today there was no hangover (thank you gin) and a very clean kitchen after church. That's right, I went to church, because over dinner Sarah surprised me with "we should go to church". I'm never one to tell people they shouldn't go to church, so I agreed, given we went to the church I chose. She wants to go to meet nice men. I argued we're going to find peace with God.
She texted this morning, her eye was swollen shut, she wasn't going. So I went by myself. It was horrible. I was looking at the clock after twenty minutes of the opening worship. The band was musically talented, but lifeless, minus the token enthusiastic woman, saying "Yes Lord" into the microphone during prayer. The preacher was decent, but there was no connection for me.

So I cleaned the kitchen. Cleanliness is next to Godliness. We'll try the church thing again next week. Maybe I'll vacuum the couch and scrub the ceiling if it doesn't go well.

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