Tuesday, December 2, 2008

walking tour

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so, ill add pictures at a later date, when walk the route again, and will add them to the google map and pin point the places where the pictures were taken, and which direction I was facing.
starting at fred meyers, walk east to Stephens/99. You'll go past the northern entrance to the VA, the Roseburg HQ for the BLM and over I-5 on the Garden Valley overpass. Pretty freaky. A bunch of other businesses.
At Stephens/99 keep walking east, past the new Walgreen's and Coastal, where it wraps past Oak Park and transitions into Lincoln. UP the hill on Lincoln. My car groans on Lincoln, and so do I. Going down the hill you pass Grace Family Center. Keep walking past Klamath, past the apartment complex managed by RAP. Lincoln curves into Wright, then cross over Winchester, and walk down past DQ to the Taco Del Mar, and take a right at Rowe Street, and walk under the bridge. Really, under the bridge, past the homeless people. Then follow the trail along side the river till you reach the I-5, and this time you go under the I-5. There's a pedestrian bridge under the I-5. I never suspected. Very excited, now I can walk to work in the summer, or get a bike, and ride! On the other side of under the bridge you reach the trail that goes through Stewart Park and the disc golf course. This wraps all the way around to the wetlands beside Fred Meyer, and we're at the begining again.

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