Thursday, January 8, 2009


So I wrote about all my "official" resolutions here, but there are a lot of unofficial resolutions going on. The main focus is to be an all around healthier me. The stress of my class is allowing me to lose focus, and through out the day I remind myself to tighten up, and relax. I allowed myself to slip from my diet, but it was still within my self prescribed guidelines, and the only new things I have bought were class related, or artwork related.

There's a whole shit-list of things that are decent reasons to be stressed (not being able to keep up with class, finances, relationship (or lack thereof) and work) and I'm trying to not lose hold of the inches (that feel like miles) that I've gained.

I wrote to Santa and asked for a raise and a nice boy. I was surprised to find the form for a raise on my desk (merit based, woohoo!) the other day, and I'm just going to be patient for the boy.

So this weekend has more carving, homework, psuedo-date (maybe), and working out on the agenda. And maybe sushi. AND CHURCH. I need some spiritual renewal, and to get a God Hug.

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