Monday, October 26, 2009

It's getting towards the end of the month...

and I haven't written much since I lost that last job. All my updates at that point were about a contest between me and a friend to see who could stick to our daily goals more faithfully. I as winning. Then I lost the job and fell to shit. Now I am living with a friend, in her bedroom that she wasn't using, on a futon with most of my possessions in storage at other peoples' homes. Love you Jeff, Betina's parents!
So now my goals are get up in the morning, go running every other day, I just got a part time job until after the holidays, that will hopefully tide me over until I can obtain a real job. By real job I mean one that I am qualified for based on experience and my degree.
I've will have 7 paintings for sale around town as of tomorrow, and if all the money rolls in, it will be close to $1000. That is deposit, and first and half a month's rent on an apartment. A cheap apartment.
Because I hope to move, to the coast, or the East coast after I successfully challenge a statistics course at the local community college I have very little interest in starting a relationship right now. My interest in the opposite sex is passive you could say. Ah shit, I can't write the next part because my roommmate has access to this... Nevermind, if you want to know, post a comment and I'll email you.

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