Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Most Interesting Man in the World

I am "the friend." Admit it, you have one, a friend of the opposite sex that you swear there is nothing wrong with, you don't know why they're single, but they're not right for you.  The friend you turn to with problems, the date for functions you don't want to show up at alone.  The date for weekend nights you don't want the pressure of maintaining an image for a potential love interest. I am that "friend."

Over the past weeks I've had two male friends making regular withdrawals from the "friend" bank.  The friend bank is where I listen, give feedback, or *gag* advice.  About relationships. Which is totally absurd, because I'm not in a relationship. I have a horrible track record with relationships. My past relationships have been terrible. One sided or abusive or hopeless. In return I occasionally get a "date" out of it, or an ear when I go bat-shit crazy and ask for advice.

So this is my advice:
Be the most interesting (wo)man in the world.
Drink good beer.
Learn about wines.
Buy a lottery ticket, scheme about how you would spend the winnings, and work towards acheiving that without the lottery winnings.
Quit fretting & dwelling on what you can't have, or what might go wrong.
Focus on enjoying life. 
Enjoy your time in the relationship, or on creating new ones.
Go on a road trip.
Develop a skill. Learn to prepare 7 fabulous meals.
Learn to cook 7 easy meals.
Learn to dance well.
Create something.
Go back to school.
Do something that makes you a better person.
Focus on strengthening your faith/personal beliefs.
Visit museums and art galleries. Read books. 
Do anything that will take your mind off of what you cannot control. 
Quit being a prick/bitch.
Call your parents.
Plan a day with your siblings.
Go to the gym or the pool.
Become proficient at yoga or pilates or a martial art.
Take a class.
Go hiking.
Create a personal guide of the 'best of" so you never sit around asking "what should we do?"
Try new things. Like sushi.
Become the kind of person your partner wants to be with.
Become the kind of person people want to be around.

That is my advice. Because I don't revel in your misery. I want you to be happy. Misery may love company, but this company doesn't love misery.

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