Friday, July 22, 2011

It's Not The Heat, It's The Humidity.

I kind of, sort of, not really but really, missed last summer. Part of it was due to working 3rd shift. A couple trips to the beach & it was over. What I remember is the coolness of the basement, the construction on the street outside and the patio at the local brewery. My free time was spent etching glasses & constructing the ultimate poster frame seating guide for my sister's wedding reception.

This summer is already much fuller, with more trips to the beach, a greater variety of breweries, and the first camping trip in a couple years. The rest of summer is filling up quickly with kayaking, birthday parties and weekends that are intentionally free of obligations. The best part of being an adult? When all the kids are back in school, summer stretches on for the rest of us who have already paid our dues.

Because I 'missed' last summer I'm still becoming reacquainted with Michigan summers. Oh my goodness, it's as though I'm wearing layers of damp pond algae instead of clothes. It wasn't like this in Oregon & Colorado.

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