Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Letter To The Folks I Filled In For Tonight:

Dear Co-Workers, 
It would be really cute that you think this high school & that passing notes about the boring details of your white trashy lives is acceptable if you actually did the job you are being paid to do. Filling in for you is such a joy when the trash is overflowing in some areas and in other areas it is clearly evident a mop has not graced the floor in eons. Don't get me started on dusting and desk wipes. This factory is actually a pretty nice one as far as steel forming goes. The people are clean & pleasant, the facility well maintained, leaving me to believe the conditions are a result of you failing to give a shit.
Leaving the notes containing citations of how much you hate the factory you are working in would be precious if you didn't leave them in plain sight for the maintenance people to see. If I were a real bitch I would have left the papers you scribbled on on the contact's desk with a note, feigning having mistaken them for something a factory employee might have lost. But that would have taken time I did not have, as I spent too much time there as it was, having to change the mop water after nearly every room. 
Finally, please consider taking some G.E.D. classes as your spelling and grammar are atrocious. That means really bad. As though it isn't bad enough that you waste your time writing about your children calling their teachers bitches, your spelling might convey that the company you work for will hire any asshole off the street. Most of us are high school graduates and quite a few have even gone to college. Turns out there are standards, which is why they won't hire your felony toting boyfriend. (Which is really not something you should share with your co-workers.)
The Woman The Factory Workers Said Did A Better Job (Don't worry, they weren't the same ones that said you were outside smoking pot that one day I couldn't find you.)

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