Monday, November 10, 2008

Didn't need the wine tonight

So did the dumb thing, and stayed up til 4am watching movies (2/3 I'd already seen, and Family Guy Star Wars, didn't need to see that again) and slept til noon. Then showered, got out of the shower and realized I hadn't washed my hair or scrubbed my body. I couldn't remember what I had done in the shower. But I was dressed and ready to go when Sarah arrived, but I forgot my camera so I could take a picture of Brix 527. So I'm going to hold off on writing about the place of the week until next week. By the time I got home, I was ready for a nap, which I tried to do in front of the TV, but ended up upstairs, sleeping 3 hours.

And in that 3 hours I had crazy dreams. About the ex, breaking into his apartment, and cleaning, and cooking, and taking care of things with my current roommate and random people from the bar that I didn't even talk to at the bar. And it wasn't really even his apartment, it was a dirty dingy version of my first apartment in this town. Why was I cleaning, why was Joe cooking? And the crazy bar people? They were the druggie friends of Brian's new girlfriend. All I was worried about was making the place better for Brian's daughter, and sneaking out of there. 6 months later, a year after the start of the breakdown, and I'm still concerned with the well being of his daughter, I still feel like I should be there to protect her from dirty dishes and dirty sheets, and cluttered living rooms, and inappropriate house guests. It's less than a month to her birthday, and I need to find a suitable present to drop off with her great aunt.
The whole thing/dream/situation/heartbreak is a little effed up.

So big question before I go back to work in the morning: was my weekend productive in any way? I baked cookies, bought highlighters for work, aided my supervisor over the phone, did a little homework, and napped. If I'm really good, I can get my rooms cleaned and vacuumed before Conan. Let's hope.

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