Sunday, November 9, 2008



I’ve wasted an entire Sunday reading, when I could be writing, drawing, painting, walking, exercising, taking care of homework, job hunting, a thousand productive things. Spending a day this way often ends with disappointment in myself for not doing anything listed above. Today’s disappointment was also fueled by a realization that I’m ready to admit I want to be a wife and mother.

Hello World, my name is Katie and I want to be a mommy.

Oops. Just spilled my guts in the first post of a new blog. Hello reoccurring theme.

Yes, world I know the proper and productive and healthy thing to do is to occupy myself with productive activities that make me feel fulfilled, so I don’t focus on my lack of spousal/father prospects. Writing about this subject doesn’t qualify as one of those activities.

Learning to knit socks, going down to the local ______ Club to apply to volunteer, and hopping on the excercise machine for a couple hours in front of the TV tonight, going for coffee tomorrow morning with friend Sarah, all very productive. Stop by the library. Also productive.

I should finish the afghan, scarf and handbag before I start the socks. I just threw socks out there because my feet are cold. My feet are cold because I’m not wearing socks, and the roommate likes the house cold, and doesn’t like paying the heating bills.

More on that later.

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