Sunday, November 9, 2008


Right now, I’m missing being in Denver. I don’t actually like Denver, as a concept, yuppies, and planning commissioners that contribute to the downfall of the housing market, and countless Targets and Walmarts and box stores all in the row.
Maybe I’m missing a making money, but not the job, and friends ready to go out at a drop of the hat, and crazy boutiques and vintage stores, and a lively nightlife, and good restaurants and interesting people. I could have those things here if I went out more.
I found Kruse farms 2 weeks ago, conveniently closer than Brosi, and the smell alone was enough to make me smile and not want to leave. It’s not the Cherry Creek Shopping District, or Sunflower Markets, or the Vance Kirkland Museum, but I was happy in Roseburg. I should go out once a week and find a new wonderful place nearby and write about it here. With a picture. Tomorrow morning coffee shop/breakfast place of preference.

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