Thursday, December 25, 2008

Prelude to the Resolutions.

I've added melatonin to my sleep routine, in the effort to develop a sleep routine, or as my sister describes it, good sleep hygiene. As a result I fall asleep a little quicker, and sleep REALLY well, and even wake up earlier, but not more willing to get out of bed. It would be completely wonderful if I wanted to get out of bed, all refreshed and anxious to get started with my day, but that only happens on my days off. My bed is super comfortable. Warm and toasty and cuddly, and the house is super cold.

Since I moved into the house, I've been having crazy vivid dreams. People, places, things, all very detailed, with intricate, intricate plot lines. I have crazier dreams when I have a glass of wine before bed, and with the melatonin, the wine isn't necessary. My day is often determined by the dreams I have the night before. My mood, my attitude, how I approach work, people I meet or work with, all affected by the quality of my dream.

My dreams would be better if my ex-boyfriend would stay out of them.

The melatonin and better sleep hygiene are part of a larger plan. Overall, I'm not completely happy. I stayed in Oregon after being laid off 2 Januaries in a row for what became the wrong reasons (outlined in lesson 1), and now I'm here, and I'm not certain I know what I want. I know what I have going now is not it. I deserve better.

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