Monday, December 15, 2008


i don't even remember what I promised to get done last time.
I have 1/6 of the carving that needs to get done complete, and the easy (or hard, depending on perspective) part at that, and my tools need sharpening.
I'm not in the mood/drunk enough to paint and that isn't a priority until after the holidays.
Call the camera place... to do yet.
Sleep some more. Top of the list.
Stalk the hottest man in Roseburg. Very high on the list.
Make it through the holiday season, right above stalking.
Remain sober until New Year's eve... toughie.
Start working on New Year's resolution... meh. I got the weight loss goals mapped out, thanks to the fact my friend Sarah looks HOT. A little shout out to Sarah for doing such a great job.
Finish Christmas/Birthday Shopping.
Finish making lotions and body scrubs and writing addresses on Christmas card envelopes. And put everything in the mail.
Oh, and hunt down that package that is supposed to arrive today, but may not because it has the wrong address on it, because my mom doesn't keep my address on hand. I'm bitter.

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