Monday, January 26, 2009

It's 5 am, do you know what your blogger is up to?

It's 5 am and your favorite employed (but not as an) artist is stiil awake, after taking a 4 hour nap after a 2 hour walk! And eating veggie pizza (note to everybody, including self, fresh tomatoes are a bad idea on pizza... too juicy) But for the first time I intentionally ordered a veggie pizza! With red sauce, not white sauce, because you know, the calories and everything associated with white sauce. I just don't like white sauce.

How serendipidous! I switched channels on Pandora and it opened with Cat Stevens "the First Cut is the Deepest"! On my top 10 of all time. Helped me through last summer, many nights spent dancing to that in the kitchen. Brett Dennen's "Heaven" has replaced that at the top of my playlist, but moving on is a good thing.

SO in the disgusting news, I burnt my hand on Friday. It's like a ritual at this point, cleaning the popcorn machine at work, but this time it was turned on, in operation, and it was on the pinky side of my hand, (medial or lateral, I have a hard time remembering with hands, I know it's my 5th metacarpel, so there) instead of my super hairy forearm. I'll post pictures tomorrow, maybe. Usually it bursts within a day, and the top layer slides off. This one melted back on to the skin, and only filled with pus (yuck, i just used the word "pus") 4 hours later. Let me note, I had tears in my eyes, and had my boss finish up for me, which is unusual, because I'm tough, and my treatment of most ailments is to "walk it off"... I even accepted 3 anti-inflamatory pills from a med-aide.
Before bed, I pricked and drained the blister, and have been doing so about 4 times a day. At this point it feels like there is a bruise under the blister, and my pinky is stiff. The pus isn't as clear as it used to be, so I'm freaking out about Mersa. On the plus side, if I let it build up, it gets a pretty solid, albeit tiny, stream shooting out of it.

Who doesn't love Van Morrison's Crazy Love?

MORE DISGUSTING NEWS: I've started a 7 day cleansing treatment, to remove toxins from my body. This isn't a colon cleanse, and I haven't had the horrifying results I've read about and was partially prepared for.
Getting me to take anything once a day is a challenge, so the schedule I take the doses at is a little irregular, but I'm not overdosing! But my skin is clearing up! The horrible condition it has been in since 3rd grade (yes 3rd grade) is clearing up more than it has with countless soaps, including Nivea, Nutragena, St. Ives, Cetaphil (no I haven't tried Pro-active, but I won't patronize any company with Jessica Simpson as a spokesperson (sorry Macy's)) I am going to pick up a tube of generic white toothpaste when I finish the cleanse (I use red toothgel) to see if that works as well as people say.

It took me a half hour to write this, and I have 2 more projects to work on before bed and trying to give blood, and picking up an application for a city council seat, because what the hell, might as well give it a shot. I leave my mother shaking her head.

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