Thursday, January 1, 2009

Resolution #2

My second resolution is also very personal, and a matter of survival, but a trivial matter of survival. My budget needs to be tightened up, and outside of food expenses for the 1500 calorie/day diet, and a minimal entertainment allowance, everything is going to pay bills, school, financing artwork, and savings.

Translate: NO NEW CLOTHES TOYS GADGETS for the year 2009. If I need something, it HAS TO BE SECONDHAND. I think I won't need new clothes if I am successful with the weight-loss efforts, because I have a LOT of clothes, and if I loose the weight the clothes will fit better, be more comfortable/flattering. I look at dresses in my closet I wore 2-3 years ago and can't wait to wear them again this summer. And shopping secondhand will be easier with smaller sizes too.

Included in this is the cost of repairs for items I currently have, like my camera! (Insert a whole big spiel about taking care of what we own rather than buying the newest and latest of everything). This will be a hard resolution this summer when my cell phone contract is up, and I want the newest whatever super high tech gadget they have available.

And I should note here, I will have to make myself accountable to this blog for my purchasing behavior. A wise idea would be to purchase a cheap secondhand sewing machine and buying remnants from second hand stores around town. The way I go through denim, I should be able to make a small quilt in the next 2 years.

So Blogosphere, I hereby express my intent to not buy an item from Wal-mart, Fred Meyer's Target, or any of the glorious merchants of excess in my town, at my finger tips (no ebaying) or within a days drive, or visiting my mother. Oh my, I'm going to have to forego shopping trips with my mother unless we go to Goodwill/Salvation Army or the antique mall.

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