Monday, January 19, 2009

Saturday Night Lights

Confession: I love street lamps and porch lights.
I promised when I started this blog to review my favorite places in my chosen home. Up until tonight, I've failed to keep that promise. But, TA-DA! My first review:

When I moved to Roseburg I was disappointed with the lack of a nice bar/cafe to hang out with friends at on weekend nights. Coming from a college town and attending school where the town was built in service to the university, I was used to coffee shops being open until at least midnight. Night life in Roseburg was limited to trashy bars.

Gradually I found better places to visit, but they were hit and miss as far as quality of entertainment, drinks and food, service and price.
Bella Sera is the relatively new endeavor by the lovely proprietors of Anthony's Italian Cafe. It's located behind the main dining room, and shares a kitchen with the restaurant.
Bella Sera features an extensive beer and wine list, limited menu of delicous appetizers, entrees and desserts from next door, and an intimate, upscale/casual atmosphere for gathering with friends. Roseburg has a limited selection of venues for a relaxed evening with friends. Mark V, the wine bar upstairs on Jackson, and Brix 527 are on the list, but I'll wait to review them.
Bella Sera is set apart by the friendliness of the staff and the comfortable furnishing. The walls are decorated by original artwork by local artists, the tables and chairs are clean and weathered without being shabby, and the bud vases on the table are perfect examples of the attention to detail executed by the proprietors.
Bret Gardin was the performer on Saturday night, and was fabulous, with a breath taking a cappella preformance dedicated to his father. He is the perfect fit for this venue. His stage presence was more polished than you would expect for a young musician, he was very talented, and didn't cast our table dirty looks as we chatted for the majority of the evening.
At the end of the evening every one I was with agreed that we would visit again.

The Need to Know:
Bella Sera @ Anthony's Italian Cafe
500 SE Cass Avenue, Roseburg, Oregon 97470, behind the main restaurant, in the courtyard
Thursday, Friday and Saturday Evenings
8-12 pm

Food: 4/5 Stars
Beer and Wine Selection: 5/5 Starts
Service: 5/5 Stars
Atmosphere: 5/5 Stars

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