Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Love Song

I'm single.  Probably for good reason. I don't like words like quirky, unique, odd duck, weird, etc. They are all just labels, like marching to the beat of a different drummer is another cliche.  I've dated, had a fair share of relationships, but approaching 29 in less than a month, I'm single.  It's as though the pressure is on.

 I've got 2 options as I see it.  I can throw myself at the first man who will take me, or I can live my life. Tough choice, right?

Don't let this attitude of mine lead you to believe I have no notion of what I want hope for in a perfect happy relationship.  From past experience I know it takes compromise.  I know it takes enthusiasm (ever been with someone who stopped being excited about being with you? Mega bummer, right?)  I know everything doesn't have to be match-y match-y.  Similar interests are good, so is having your own gig.  Trust, trust is important, right? Respect too. 

I think deep down, way deep in me there is an ideal I hold.  I think I don't dwell on that ideal for a reason; if I focused on the ideal I would be so focused on a POTENTIAL'S flaws I wouldn't appreciate the fantastic attributes they might hold. Whoa there, I'm not saying I (or anyone) should overlook the MAJOR flaws, like throwing objects in anger & thinking your actions are a justifiable way to manage anger.  (Really?  Getting rid of your breakable objects doesn't solve that issue.) 

I could list a thousand things I'm hoping for and never accurately describe my dream guy.  Or I could just say I'm still looking for the man who complements me, and I him.  Keep it simple, right?  Yeah, that's what I thought.

Once In A Blue Moon -K.Bosch
(photo of unfinished version - finished piece belongs to
Raise Your Glass Winebar in Roseburg, OR)

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