Saturday, September 17, 2011


Couple weeks ago I was minding my own business traversing the stairs as I do, half asleep, craving more sleep without a cat sitting on my bladder. Coming down the stairs I tripped & faceplanted, my head making impact with the floor, traveling a vertical distance of like 9 ft within milliseconds. Not being injured, I went back to bed and went to work where i relayed I was grateful for an easy night/help and told the story. The following Monday some weenie called in with sunburn. I was horrified that was an excuse as I had come in after faceplanting. This sent my bosses into an uncontrollable giggle fit. Apparently I can bring a smile to my brother in law's (who is my boss) by reminding him of my trip down the stairs.

Sooooooooo yesterday after a hard week I had promised to bring in homemade pie if my newest teammate reminded me to wake up today & bake it. She did text to wake me up, at 1 PM which is early considering it was a 12 hour night for both of us. Thinking it would be wise to wear pants while baking I put some pj's on & tried to climb the stairs to the kitchen. My pants are ill fitting and caused me to trip going up the stairs, faceplanting into the wall. Relaying this to my boss made the pie that much more delicious for my boss.
Do you feel the love?

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