Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I am a hack.

Or at least I feel that way. Tonight I sat next to an art teacher. Someone who is paid to doooooooooo art. I, I am not paid to do art. I make it up as I go. Tonight I got funny looks as I thinned the $hit out of my acrylic paints to lay down a base layer. When asked about what I was doing I tried to explain as patiently as possible I was building a base layer, and this is just how I work, sometimes. Sometimes I slather it on with a trowel. But this one I'm trying to be careful (kinda) because I have a buyer for this painting. He saw a picture I took and asked for it as a painting. So I'm giving it a shot. Where do I show? For this event I'm showing at the bar on the boardwalk. Otherwise, I don't. I actually had to be talked into participating. Local art competitions? I swore off them earlier this summer. You're interested in having me paint your restaurant? Um, here is my card, I'm going to be up here this weekend, or tomorrow & I'll get some photos & work up some sketches. (side note: I still need to get sketches to 2 Shy Brew in Roseburg. I'm aware they are 8 months overdue. I'm not Catholic, but I a familiar with guilt. Don't worry Paul, I feel it!) (Sidenote #2: How much do I charge for that? $50/ square foot? Because I'm an unknown? Up the price $5/sq ft for every painting I sell? Ryan, the painting you want is $350) Return: I never expected to be serious about this artist gig. It is currently part of what fills my spare time. Along with friends, family & horrible bad habits. I got rid of the boyfriend, I have few obligations outside of work, so if I wanted too I could commit a lot more time to this. And tonight, after the feedback? I want to. I want to eat, sleep, breathe & the other two basic bodily functions that define animals this art/painting/photography/block printing/ figure drawing gig. Thank you to all of you with negative feedback who held your tongues. The kids who came & watched with jaws on their chests? They were the best! Also I'm pretty thrilled with what I got done tonight so as soon as I finish this beer (artists get to drink in bars by themselves, no questions asked) I'll go home & continue the painting I started tonight some more. Finally, I'm really grateful to my best friend for coming to sit in the cold with me.

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