Saturday, August 4, 2012

How to Pack for a Road Trip Part 2 of Part 2

All not so funny joking aside, this is serious business, this whole vacationing bit. I want to bring everything I need, nothing I don't.

I made a list, then had my sister check it over. She nixed some items and added others.

I'm traveling in my Cherokee Sport, so I laid the seat down, then tried fitting back there in case I *have to* sleep in the car. Think mountain lion or bear.

Next I checked my tool case and first aid kit. I added some items, then placed them where they would be out of the way but accessible in case I have to use them. Originally I thought under front seats, but I'm placing the cooler up front & I don't want even that much bother. Now they're neatly tucked away by the spare tire.

Next came the camp chair, beach umbrella, and tent. Big items that I wanted/needed for a relaxing peaceful trip. Follow that by a quilt, sleeping bag and pillow. Hey, I'm car camping, and plan to check out as many beaches as I do hiking trails.
Check, Check, Check, Check, Check and Check.

Now I'm hungry & sweaty, and the next section of packing happens in of doors, so break time.

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