Thursday, August 9, 2012

I Could Not Have Asked For A Better Ending

Yesterday started with a tent full of water and a desperate flee from the campsite. It ended with reading by the campfire and multiple trips to the restroom in the dark because of too many cups of coffee and glasses of beer.

In between was a massive bridge and the wonder people of Tahquamenon Brewery and neighbors at the campsite and bar. The kind of day I hoped for when I started the trip.

Today I was sucked in to a tourist trap and stuck in Paradise for a disappointing lunch when all I wanted was a loaf of bread. It was 2:30 when I finally set out for Pictured Rocks. I made a foolhardy attempt to save the purity of the day by heading down logging roads to look for a desolate (and it turns out decommissioned) lighthouse. Crisp Point is beautiful and would have been much lovelier if I hadn't arrived at 4 pm.

Then I kept going. One logging road after the other outside of cell phone range until I hit Lake Superior again. A passenger would have had whiplash from the urgency with which I turned into the first side of the road market. A soda and a banana! A patch for the hole in the floor of the tent I found the morning.

The road quickly turned back to gravel after leaving and by golly half way to Grand Marais I was having déjà vu and I thought I had turned back the direction I came when leaving the store. The whole way from Crisp Point I heard adverts for the music & arts festival in Grand Marais. Grand Marais wasn't on the paper map in the car.

But I'm here!
I have bread!
I still need a campsite.
And a beer!

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