Thursday, August 9, 2012

I Love MI State

I was feeling all brave & wild setting up camp last night, skipping the rain fly, leaving the camp chair by the fire pit and stove & water jug on the table when I went to bed," Then God chuckled & a gentle pitter patter of rain drops started as I went to bed. So I hauled out the rain fly, not bothering to secure it thoroughly. In the process if found the biggest, ugliest spider I'd ever seen outside of a zoo. *shudder* Then I went to sleep, looking forward to a beautiful vista overlooking the Au Sable at dawn.
Instead of a beautiful vista I had four gallons of water settled in the corners of the tent, and condensation growing in the tent with heavier storms on their way.
When I tried to push the water off from the inside it ended up on the floor of the tent. When I tried to pull it off from the outside it ended up in the floor of the tent. So in my PJ's I packed up the few things in the tent into my pillow case, shoved the sleeping bag into it's sack, and grabbed the car keys & started packing. Under the hatch I rearranged the contents of the car to allow for throwing in the tent w/o it being packed properly. By the time everything was done I was soaked & ended up getting dressed for the day I under the portico at the pit toilets. On the road I was freezing and found my heating does not work as well as the air conditioning. Oops.

I'm heading north to warm up.

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